La chanson du jour (1341)

19 août 2017

Freak Like Me de Halestorm.

I’m on the train that’s pullin the sick and twisted,
Makin the most of the ride before we get arrested,
We’re all wasted,
And we’re not going home tonight.

La chanson du jour (1340)

19 août 2017

We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off de Jermaine Stewart.

We don’t have to take our clothes off (No, no, no)
To have a good time, oh no
We could dance and party all night (All night)
And drink some cherry wine, uh-huh

La chanson du jour (1339)

19 août 2017

Experiment IV de Kate Bush.

It was music we were making here until
They told us all they wanted
Was a sound that could kill someone from a distance
So we go ahead and the meters are over in the red
It’s a mistake in the making

La chanson du jour (1338)

19 août 2017

Rhythm Is Gonna Get You de Gloria Estefan.

At night when you turn off all the lights
There’s no place that you can hide
No no, the rhythm is gonna get’cha

La chanson du jour (1337)

19 août 2017

Hip Hip Hurray de Marie-Chantal Toupin.

When she told me, she told me
La vie ressemble aux couloirs de l’enfer
Told me, she told me
La vie ressemble aux couloirs de l’enfer, Yahoo!
Hip Hip Hurray, Yahoo, Hip Hip Hurray!!

La chanson du jour (1336)

19 août 2017

Fresh de Kool & The Gang.

(She’s fresh, fresh) exciting
She’s so exciting to me
(She’s fresh, fresh) exciting
So inviting to me, yeah

La chanson du jour (1335)

7 août 2017

For Whom The Bells Tolls de Metallica.

Take a look to the sky just before you die
It’s the last time he will
Blackened roar, massive roar, fills the crumbling sky
Shattered goal fills his soul with a ruthless cry
Stranger now, are his eyes, to this mystery
He hears the silence so loud