La chanson du jour (818)

1 avril 2016

Until It Sleeps de Metallica.

Where do I take this pain of mine?
I run, but it stays right by my side
So tear me open, pour me out
There’s things inside that scream and shout
And the pain still hates me
So hold me until it sleeps


La chanson du jour (700)

23 novembre 2015

Turn The Page par Metallica.

Later in the evening, as you lie awake in bed
With the echoes of the amplifiers ringin’ in your head
You smoke the days last cigarette, rememberin’ what she said
What she said

La chanson du jour (691)

8 novembre 2015

One de Metallica.

I can’t remember anything
Can’t tell if this is true or dream
Deep down inside I feel to scream
This terrible silence stops me