18 août 2016


If you’re like everyone else, you think regular expressions suck but sometimes you got no choice other than to use them because that’s the best tool for the job…

Here comes Rubular to the rescue!  A nice and easy-to-use regex editor that allows you to test your expressions on the fly!

And if you need to know more about regular expressions, there’s the excellent free book Regular Expression Recipes for Windows Developers, A Problem-Solution Approach.



Smalltalk en vrac (9)

9 février 2015



Quelques papiers intéressants trouvés sur le Swiss Smalltalk User Group : Efficient regular expressions that produce parse trees, A Unified Approach to Automatic Testing of Architectural Constraints, Marea : A Tool for Breaking Dependency Cycles Between Packages.

Un call for papers pour l’édition 2015 du International Workshop on Smalltalk Technologies (IWST15).


Les présentations de PharoDAYS 2015 sont ici.

Un nouveau venu dans le consortium de Pharo : le groupe REVEAL.

5 postes de recherche disponibles à l’INRIA.


Consulter Stack Overflow à partir de Squeak.