Steven J. Edwards

7 décembre 2016

Steven J. Edwards passed away in October.  Every chess player should be aware of the tremendous efforts this gentleman has done to facilitate his everyday life.

Most chess engine programmers somehow knew the guy or knew about the guy. He was posting daily on, answering all kinds of questions, from the most simple ones to the extremely technical ones.  He was always there to help and make the chess community (especially the chess programming community) a better place.

What most chess players don’t realize is that we now have access to millions of chess games and bigger-than-ever databases and all kinds of tools because of him, mainly because of the format he created for recording and exchanging chess games : the PGN format.  He also worked on other chess notation formats but he is mostly known for the PGN format and a few tools he developed for it.

He has published many papers on chess programming and has developed many chess engines.

We will miss you Sir!