La chanson du jour (1113)

31 décembre 2016

Leave It de Yes.

No phone can take your place
Do you know what I mean

La chanson du jour (938)

20 juillet 2016

It Can Happen de Yes.

It’s a constant fight
A constant fight
You’re pushing the needle to the red
Black and white
Who knows who’s right
No substitute you’re born you’re dead
Fly by night
Created out of fantasy
Our destinations call

La chanson du jour (809)

1 avril 2016

South Side Of The Sky de Yes.

A river a mountain to be crossed
The sunshine in mountains sometimes lost
Around the south side so cold that we cried
Were we ever colder on that day a million miles away
It seemed from all of eternity

La chanson du jour (773)

22 janvier 2016

Changes de Yes.

I’m moving through some changes
I’ll never be the same
Something you did touched me
There’s no one else to blame

La chanson du jour (649)

18 octobre 2015

Owner Of A Lonely Heart de Yes.

Owner of a lonely heart
Much better than a
Owner of a broken heart

La chanson du jour (565)

28 juin 2015

Repose en paix Chris Squire. Et mille mercis pour la musique!

Roundabout de Yes.

I’ll be the roundabout
The words will make you out ‘n’ out
I spend the day your way
Call it morning driving through the sound and
In and out the valley

La chanson du jour (28)

30 juin 2013

Love Will Find A Way de Yes